From the very beginning, the functionality and comfort of our barefoot shoes have been our top priority. Therefore, we continuously work on optimizing our minimalist shoes and offer only shoes that deliver on their promises. Quality is our focus here!

Despite quality controls and testing, we cannot guarantee that all items will meet these standards. If one of our products has a defect, in addition to the statutory warranty rights that consumers have against the seller, we provide a 12-Month warranty under certain conditions.

  • We can only provide an exchange, refund is not an option when the product has already been used.
  • The exchange can be for the same color or a different color for the same product originally ordered.
  • If you are directly responsible for damaging the product, such as if your dog chewed the shoes or if you lost a pair ...etc, the 12-month warranty does not apply
  • The warranty solely covers the products you have ordered. It does not extend to cover any indirect, physical, or material damages that may occur while you have the shoes.
  • Replacement for a replacement: You can only request a replacement for a replacement product if the replacement product received was damaged. Otherwise, replacement shoes are not covered by this 12-month warranty. This damage must be reported within 14 days of receiving the replacement product, before using the replacement product. If not reported within this timeframe, the replacement product is not eligible for the 12-month warranty.
  • Any warranty claims made beyond the 12-month period following the receipt of your initial order will not be considered

Finally, a warranty claim will only be considered valid if you include clear photos with your request. By "clear," we mean that the defect you're reporting must be clearly visible in the photos you send via email to